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At Illumineers of SC, we offer our clients an array of options to choose from in order to help create a custom look for their business, home or even neighborhood. We provide a customized design using the best quality products with professionally trained and certified crews to install, remove and store material. Take a second to browse through the different services we offer then tell us what would best suit your location’s needs, and we’ll make it happen!

Residential, Commercial & Neighborhood Services

Roofline Lighting

Most commonly, our clients begin the decorating process with their roofline. Lighting on your roof is a great starting point for a gorgeous holiday display, because it provides a professional holiday look that can even stand on its own. In addition, it allows your business or home’s unique architecture to provide a custom holiday look. To secure lights to your roofline, we use non-invasive fasteners. Decorations are available in two styles of lights: C9 or Icicles.


Want to create clean lines along the roofline? Then your best bet is to use C9 bulbs. Your roof’s fascia includes the gutters and peaks of the front of the house or building, and adding lighting to the ridges creates a three-dimensional look. C9s will create a festive gingerbread-house appearance.


Icicles provide a classic wintertime look for your roofline and can be installed on the fascia of your location. The drops of mini lights are spaced four inches apart and vary in length, reaching up to 18 inches.

Tree & Bush Lighting

Lighting the trees and bushes in your yard can highlight a professional installation! You can have your trees decorated in two different styles: wrap and canopy. For a tree wrap, lights are wrapped around the major branches, creating a one-of-a kind look for every tree. On smaller, more compact trees or bushes, you can choose to use the canopy style. This style treats the tree or bush as one unit and wraps lights around the outside.

Ground Lighting

Ground lights can be added to a path, sidewalk or driveway. By installing lights along the curves of the natural areas in your yard, ground lighting adds softness to the overall visual image of your lighting. The curves of the natural areas contrast well with the sharp lines of the roofline and provide a nice lower edge to the overall look.

Window Decor

Outlining windows creates a great nighttime look to fill in the spaces between the roofline and lower lighting (trees, bushes, ground lighting). Window lighting can be done with two types of lights that create their own unique looks: C7s and mini lights. C7s are larger bulbs spaced roughly 15 inches apart. Mini lights are small traditional lights that are spaced roughly four inches apart.

Daytime Decor

Don’t just sparkle in the dark, shine in the light! Because lighting can only be seen at night, many people choose to add some daytime décor to make their home look celebratory even when the sun is still up. You can choose to use wreaths, garlands and bows to achieve that festive daytime look. At Illumineers of SC, the greenery comes pre-lit (unless otherwise requested) so your daytime look continues to shine brightly when the sun goes down. Wreaths are available in a variety of sizes from 24 to 72 inches or larger. All greenery comes with a beautiful red holiday bow.

To preview what your location could look like with lighting and décor installation services from Illumineers of SC, simply click here to upload a photograph of your home or business. Then, we’ll work our magic and provide you with a digital example of what your transformation will look like once we’re done illuminating your holiday!
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